operational Excellence


Sebastian Mostertz
Sebastian Mostertz

Success is based on good planning and stringent implementation – but victory is secured “on the pitch”

Long-term improvements along the entire value chain – this is the goal of our operational excellence competence center. In order to increase earning power, reduce lead times or advance the digitalization of the company, we always keep the whole chain in mind and illuminate processes, structures, organizations and IT.
With intelligent tactics and proven standards, together we pick up the pace and reach the goal.

We at operations+ are the right partners for complex tasks with the aim of long-term success.
  • Victor    Seuwen
    Victor Seuwen
  • Alfred Narwark
    Alfred Narwark
  • Bernd Kowalewski
    Bernd Kowalewski
  • Marco Hackstein
    Marco Hackstein
  • Robert Mohr
    Robert Mohr
  • Rüdiger Bruess
    Rüdiger Bruess
  • Norbert Scheppach
    Norbert Scheppach
  • Winfried Seuwen
    Winfried Seuwen
  • Tim Paulsen
    Tim Paulsen
  • Ralf Hoffrichter
    Ralf Hoffrichter
  • Dean Dukic
    Dean Dukic
  • Thorsten Röhling
    Thorsten Röhling
  • Nils Niedermeyer
    Nils Niedermeyer