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At operations+ we are experts in the holistic optimization of supply chains – from strategy to implementation support.


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Supply Chain Management

Typical business situations:
  • Supply chains have potential. As a complex cross-divisional function however, a holistic view is required – from construction, product development and incoming orders to sales, purchasing and production through to logistics
  • Sales, production and procurement planning are not aligned with one another. Shortfalls or excess stock is the result
  • There is no overarching KPI system along the supply chain that really gives information on costs and performance. Potential therefore remains undiscovered
  • Immediate increase in potential regarding costs, speed and reliability – without investments
  • Holistic view instead of isolated decisions
  • Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to differentiate through logistics
  • Implementation-oriented analysis of potential: processes, structures, organization and systems
  • Prioritizing of required measures
  • Launching of a suitable implementing organization
  • Advisor
  • Trainer
  • Implementer
Focus points
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Supply chain organization
  • Supply chain indicator systems
  • End-to-end process optimization
  • Value stream analyses
  • Logistic-network simulations
  • Planning systems
  • Inventory optimization
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Factory and Warehouse Planning

Typical business situations:
  • The building of a new factory and/or warehouse is being considered. For the final decision, a basic concept is required to determine required space and investment and operation costs. Qualitative decision criteria are also to be considered
  • The decision has been made to build. Now detailed planning is required. In the process, existing structures and processes should be reassessed and optimally designed. The best possible price/performance ratio for the implementation is to be achieved by means of a call for tenders
  • The new building is almost complete. Relocation planning and launch management is required in order not to jeopardize business operations
  • Developing decisions based on the facts
  • Ensuring implementation is on time and on budget
  • Joint creation of a future-proof solution
  • Undertaking of stress-testing workshops for the evaluation of the plans
  • Creating a complete planning basis that considers the future
  • Undertaking of sensitivity analyses/simulations and deriving possible implications on production and logistics
  • Development of planning variants, from manual to highly automated
  • Involvement of all parties: decision makers and workers
  • Sparring partner
  • Planner and advisor
  • Implementation support as an interface with architects and general contractors as well as internally with IT and other departments
Focus points
  • Location decision
  • Basic and fine planning
  • Tendering of logistics and IT
  • Implementation monitoring
  • Relocation planning and coordination
  • Launch management
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Relocation and Outsourcing

Typical business situations:
  • Production is to be relocated or logistics outsourced in order to focus on core competences and reduce costs
  • Such an approach is uncommon in most companies, so there is usually a lack of relevant knowledge. At the same time, it usually implies job losses, which complicates the involvement of the internal employees
  • When outsourcing to a service provider, the organization must be in a position where it can adequately manage it
  • Fact-based make or buy decisions
  • Maximum possible variabilization of costs
  • Ensuring transfer of know-how for quality assurance
  • Developing competence in “service-provider management”
  • Scrutinizing and simplifying existing processes and structures before relocation/outsourcing (complexity reduction)
  • Tool-based call for tenders with detailed performance specification and carefully considered configuration of price positioning
  • Defined technical and organizational interfaces for smooth operation
  • Relocation planning and coordination as well as launch management
  • Development of a performance indicator system for proactive service provider management
  • Advisor
  • Coach
  • Implementer
  • Consultation with employment and tax law experts
Focus points
  • Production relocation
  • Outsourcing of warehouse logistics
  • Outsourcing of transport logistics