Victor Seuwen
Victor Seuwen

There is a direct correlation between how you act and success. If the path is dangerous and the correct route difficult to identify, then an experienced guide is required. You can then avoid obstacles on the path in a new direction.

At operations+ we see your company holistically. We first seek to understand your company strategy and then inspect its implementation at all levels. Because heading in a new direction with the company or a business unit in order to increase revenue in the long term requires a clear, understandable timetable that is implemented across all company units, functions and processes.

- Magazine Textilwirtschaft: "Zwei für Zero", the successful rescue of Zero (PDF) (in German)
- Magazine Eurofenix 66: Restructuring in Fashion – Challenges and a potential way out of the crisis

We at operations+ have gained our experience and our knowledge in many different industries and tasks.
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