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At operations+ we ensure your future perspectives – strategically defined and operationally anchored.

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Business Transformation

  • The increasing price and innovation pressure requires a review of your business model in order to maintain or increase your market position.
  • New structures and cooperations on the customer side require greater adaptability and speed.
  • New social media and other digital processes are intended to make sales and marketing structures more efficient.
  • Market demands regarding the integration of digitized products require a complete overhaul and reconfiguration of the product portfolio.
  • The path from product provider to solution provider requires new ways of thinking, approaches and services - disruptive processes are the order of the day.
  • Complexity in products and variety of parts result in high costs along the entire value chain. If necessary, cooperation with companies with other focuses, especially in the areas of IT, IoT and software/app development, should be considered.
  • Digitized products must be integrated in such a way that they not only replace existing purposes, but also represent real added value for the product portfolio. Only then is the time-consuming process worthwhile.
  • Design your own value chain efficiently and yet differentiated with new ideas. Not only involve the customer, but win them over as a “committed partner”.
  • Customer incentive programs that integrate the "committed partner" approach.
  • Evaluate selective adjustments holistically - ensure feasibility.
  • Review and evaluation of existing business models and value chains.
  • Derivation of forward-looking adjustments.
  • impetus
  • advisor
  • implementation guide
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Technology Transformation

  • Increasing market requirements are not adequately served by your product portfolio and IT side, due to a lack of technical requirements or a lack of know-how. Future viability is at risk.
  • The large number of IT solutions for customer care and sales management make it difficult for you to select the best systems and system providers for you.
  • In addition to day-to-day business, change management can hardly be managed by management and employees.
  • Raising potential in the existing IT landscape.
  • Integration of IoT business models.
  • Ensuring a close-to-standard interlocking of technological solution and business model.
  • The customer is once again the focus of our efforts. Greatest possible avoidance of internal coordination processes.
  • Determination of "quick wins" in the area of ​​the product portfolio.
  • Business model-oriented IT audit and identification of options for action.
  • Solution standard-oriented selection process (ERP, PLM, web shop, etc.)
  • Solution consultant and change manager.
  • Accompanying the technological, procedural and organizational transformation - step by step and taking into account the existing team.
  • From concept paper to data content
Focus Points:
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Corporate restructuring

Is your business model still successful?
Typical business situations:
  • Rethinking process in strategy due to influences of digitization.
  • Management bottlenecks and incorrect management expertise.
  • Functional vulnerabilities.
  • Liquidity assurance.
  • Sustainable restructuring of sales.
  • Possibly successful merger integration.
  • Sales cooperation in the post-merger process.
  • Introducing in-depth knowledge of the market, competition and assortment structures.
  • Set up and implement value-added performance programs.
  • Development of implementation-oriented concepts.
  • Accompanying the transformation: from concept to implementation - step by step and taking into account the existing team
  • Advisor
  • Assessor
  • Converter
  • Interim manager and governing body