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At operations+ we ensure your future perspectives – strategically defined and operationally anchored.


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Business Transformation

  • Increasing price and innovation pressures demand a review of your business model in order to maintain or improve your market position
  • New structures and cooperation on the side of the customer demand better adaptability more quickly
  • Through new social media and other digital processes, distribution and marketing structures should become more efficient
  • The opening up of new markets or changes in the production strategy demand a reconfiguration of your supply chain
  • The path from product supplier to solution supplier requires new ways of thinking, new approaches and new services – lateral thinking is essential
  • Complexity in production and component diversity result in high costs across the entire value chain. Adjustments are necessary and to be considered holistically in terms of their impact on processes, organization and IT
  • Design the value chain in an efficient yet differentiated way through new ideas
  • Not only involve the customer, but win them over as a “committed partner”
  • Evaluate individual adjustments holistically – ensure implementability
  • Review and assessment of the current business model and value chain
  • Derivation of future-oriented adjustments
  • Transfer of the measures into an implementation timetable – also under consideration of the necessary change management
  • Driving force
  • Advisor
  • Implementation supporter
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Technology Transformation

  • The demands placed on products are increasingly influenced by technological developments as well as changing applications and expectations on the part of customers
  • The impacts of industry 4.0 on the business model and the specific supply chain require substantial “thinking outside the box”
  • The pressure to not only match the progress of existing and new players on the market but to surpass it demands a great effort
  • Creating the “target vision” and then translating it into actionable steps can overwhelm the in-house capabilities
  • Concise target vision for the technological transformation that is understandable for the organization
  • Keeping in mind the demands on the organization and on personal skills
  • Implementable timetable
  • Analyze trends and arrange them in terms of relevance and feasibility
  • Always see things from the perspective of the customer (internal/external customers)
  • Specify technological approaches and classify according to use
  • Creation of a roadmap and formation of an implementation organization
  • Support the implementation step by step
  • Driving force
  • Advisor
  • Supporter of the technological, procedural and organizational transformation

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Value-adding Performance Management

Typical business situations:
  • Market changes and the digital revolution force companies to continually review their business model to remain competitive
  • Measures designed to increase performance should be initiated and implemented early with foresight, and not put off until crisis hits
  • Performance programs require a holistic approach and thus impact the entire organization as a complex construct
  • Sustainably increase performance and profitability
  • Holistic evaluation of the entire value chain
  • Ensure implementation of the measures
  • Benchmarking of the cost structures
  • Evaluation of the operational and organizational structure
  • Program planning and implementation
  • Contributing our competences along the entire value chain
  • Expediting implementation through experience in supporting implementation
  • Driving force
  • Advisor
  • Implementer
  • Program management officer (PMO)