Success concepts also exist in difficult times

We have lived through the highs and lows of the textile industry over the past 30 years. In this time we have dealt with all pertinent issues, building up an international network of reliable customer and supplier relationships in the process.
We support our clients nationally and internationally in a wide range of issues along the whole value chain on their path to success. To do so, we not only develop the concepts but also implement them with the client and their team.

- Magazine Textilwirtschaft: "Zwei für Zero", the successful rescue of Zero (PDF) (in German)
- Magazine Eurofenix 66: Restructuring in Fashion – Challenges and a potential way out of the crisis

We at operations+ pick up the threads and knit them into a pattern of success.
Urs-Stefan Kinting
Urs-Stefan Kinting
  • Victor    Seuwen
    Victor Seuwen
  • Sebastian Mostertz
    Sebastian Mostertz
  • Marco Hackstein
    Marco Hackstein
  • Norbert Scheppach
    Norbert Scheppach
  • Carl Michael Wolff
    Carl Michael Wolff
  • Gabriele Seuwen
    Gabriele Seuwen
  • Julia Kinting
    Julia Kinting
  • Tim Paulsen
    Tim Paulsen
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    Axel Steuck