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The Team - Punch & Power

Our team of experienced individuals has been working well together in some cases for more than 20 years. Each member is an expert in their position and incorporates their skills optimally.

We fight with heart and mind for projects whose success we believe in.

Profile Victor Seuwen

Victor Seuwen

operations+ Equity Partner
Location: Hamburg

Core competencies:

  • Restructuring and reorganization

  • Function and business segment strategies

  • M&A transactions and change processes


Management experience:

  • CRO and process manager (interim)

  • Member of the Management Board of Management Team AG

  • Member of the Executive Board of Roland Berger & Partners

  • CEO of BHI GmbH (Groupe Saint-Gobain)

  • Member of the Executive Board of VELUX GmbH

  • Project manager at BMW AG

I firmly believe that peak performance can only be achieved with the fervor of enthusiasm. For this to occur it is essential to know why the effort will pay off.

Profile Sebastian Mostertz

Sebastian Mostertz

operations+ Equity Partner
Location: Düsseldorf

Core competencies:

  • Logistics and supply chain

  • Business process optimization

  • Digitalization / Digital transformation


Management experience:

  • Self-employed consultant for well-known auditing and consulting firms

  • Authorized representative of a medium-sized consultancy firm

  • Interim mandates 

I see my role in every project as a “sparring partner” who brings methodology, project experience and tools and combines them with the knowledge of the customer.

Profile Urs-Stefan Kinting

Urs-Stefan Kinting

operations+ Equity Partner
Location: Düsseldorf

Core competencies:

  • Clothing trade and industry with focus on sales and marketing

  • Procurement (Europe/Asia)

  • Sales channels (wholesale/retail/franchise/e-commerce/concessions/warehouses/outlets)


Management experience:

  • CEO of the Olsen Fashion Group

  • CEO of Comma GmbH (Board Member of s.Oliver Group)

  • Division Head of Esprit Europe AG

  • Division manager at Engelhorn KG a.A.


A fresh pair of external eyes and the consideration of things from different angles offer new perspectives.

Profile Alfred Narwark

Alfred Narwark

operations+ Senior Partner
Location: Hamburg

Core competencies:

  • High-tech medical technology

  • Product management, sales and marketing

  • All sales channels in EMEA and USA

  • Nuclear medicine, cardiac surgery


Management experience:

  • CEO of PLC Medical Systems Europe (EMEA)

  • VP Marketing & Sales PLC EMEA

  • VP Marketing & Sales CD&A

  • Marketing Director EMEA General Electric Medical Systems


He who speaks the language of the customer has his ear.

Profile Bernd Kowalewski

Bernd Kowalewski

operations+ Senior Partner
Location: Hamburg

Core competencies:

  • Aviation technology

  • Finance, accounting, controlling

  • Aviation project management


Management experience:

  • President & CEO of Lufthansa Technik North America

  • VP Finance and Accounting of Lufthansa Technik

  • Executive Director Finance and Accounting of AMECO Beijing, China


Organizing joint success is great fun.