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Business transformation

  • You are a company that has been successful for many years in an area that has not yet come into contact with electronics in the broadest sense or with radio and sensor technology in particular.
  • Against the background of increasing pressure to innovate, the market requires you to integrate digitalization concepts and, if necessary, IoT solutions in order to maintain or improve your position.
  • The competition has already started this process and it is important to catch up.
  • Such know-how is not available in the company, the development of these resources is complex and very difficult to implement due to the high demand for these specialists on the market.
  • Market demands regarding the integration of digitized products require a complete overhaul and reconfiguration of the product portfolio.
  • The principle applies that the product portfolio should only be expanded to include Digitalization approaches and IoT applications if a real gain in product performance with real additional customer benefits is achieved. Digitized products must therefore be integrated in such a way that they not only replace existing purposes, but also represent real added value for the product portfolio. Only then is the time-consuming process worthwhile.
  • The strict rule of the "make-or-buy-decision" must be observed in relation to cooperation with companies with other focuses, especially in the areas of IT, IoT, production and software/app development.
  • The process should be carried out from the beginning with the participation of senior employees in product management and sales so that these key interfaces support the concept and sell it accordingly in the company.
  • Design your own product portfolio efficiently and yet differentiated with new ideas.
  • Evaluate selective adjustments holistically - ensure feasibility.
  • Redesigned customer approach.
  • Interface analysis in order to be able to connect the new product to third-party automation programs in the case of more in-depth IoT solutions.
  • Open-ended advice in the direction of "make-or-buy-decision" taking into account the following aspects:
    • product design
    • Definition of the added value of the reformed product
    • In-house resources and opportunities
    • Showing the complete new supply chain
    • If necessary, placement of development and production partners
  • Review and evaluation of existing business models and value chains.
  • If necessary, adjustment of the existing sales channels, for example by including new wholesale channels.
  • Derivation of forward-looking adjustments
  • impetus
  • advisor
  • implementation guide
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Technology transformation

  • Increasing market requirements are not adequately served by your product portfolio and IT side, due to a lack of technical requirements or a lack of know-how. Future viability is at risk.
  • The complexity and cost situation requires a very rational approach. Internal resistances may have to be bridged.
  • In addition to day-to-day business, change management can hardly be managed by management and employees.
  • Raising potential in the existing product portfolio
  • Integration of IoT and digitalization business models
  • Ensuring a close-to-standard interlocking of technological solution and business model
  • Digitalization and IoT are not ends in themselves
  • Determination of "quick wins" in the area of the product portfolio
  • Business model-oriented IoT audit and identification of options for action
  • Solution consultant and change manager
  • Accompanying the technological, procedural and organizational transformation - step by step and taking into account the existing team from the initial concept to implementation