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Do you want to get the most out of your sales organization?

We at operations+ support you from the product portfolio, through the optimal design of the processes in internal sales, the entrepreneurial incentives and management of the field service, to the interfaces of logistics, production and technology.


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Continuous development of sales

Typical topics for adapting sales to internal and external changes:
  • Field service
  • Sales - sales planning
  • Interface AD / ID
  • Response speed
  • Incentive systems
  • Portfolio
  • Securing and increasing sales
  • Increase in motivation in sales (back office and field service)
  • Adaptation of structures and processes in sales to
    continuously adapt to internal and external market influences
  • Evaluation of all current processes in the sales organization with concrete adjustment proposals
  • Review and, if necessary, redesign of the sales force incentive system
  • Consistent implementation of the results with the business and sales management
  • Create sales standards and implement them sustainably
  • Order-to-Cash Process Analysis
  • Selection and implementation of professional CRM systems
  • Industry expertise paired with implementation expertise
  • advisor
  • appraiser
  • converter
  • CSO, interim manager and body (advisory board; supervisory board)
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Generate and achieve opportunities

Typical approaches:
  • Set up processes for selecting opportunities
  • Continuous follow-up of promising opportunities
  • Customer Income Statement
  • Participation of internal specialist departments
  • Network Optimization
  • Processes for selecting opportunities
  • Sustainably increase performance and profitability
  • Ensuring the implementation of measures
  • Review of the existing sales structures
  • Involvement of the sales staff in the prioritization of measures
  • Benchmarking based on a customer success calculation
  • Accelerated implementation as an experienced implementation consultant
  • If necessary, support in conducting negotiations on site
  • Digitization in the sales process
  • advisor
  • sparring partner
  • converter
  • CSO, interim manager and governing body